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Wikispaces will be gone as of July 31, 2018. Please keep an eye on your campus email for announcements of new locations of course materials. - ltdproject ltdproject Apr 10, 2018~

Schedule changes

This section will list room changes, canceled meetings, and make-up classes, if any.

Engl_1-2_a (English I-II, section a)

Monday, 4th period (14:30 – 16:00)
  • No changes at present

Engl_1-2_i (English I-II, section i)

Monday, 5th period (16:10 – 17:40)
  • No changes at present

Engl_1-2_e (English I-II, section e)

Tuesday, 2nd period (10:20 – 11:50)
  • No changes at present

Engl_1-2_r (English I-II, section r)

Tuesday, 4th period (14:30 – 16:00)
  • No changes at present

Official announcements

r: repeaters (再履修者)

Office hour

  • My office hours are now Monday and Thursday, 10:20-11:50, by appointment. - ltdproject ltdproject Apr 12, 2017
    • Please fill out and send in the form at the link below (QR code or URL) to request an appointment:

Other announcements

  • I've revised the Email Protocol (key strings) for all classes. Please review the Course Intro's page (Resources: Generic, below), before sending mail messages.

  • There is a page listing websites of interest.
    • You can earn extra credit for suggesting other interesting English websites to add to our list. Please email the URLs of additional sites to your instructor, along with brief explanations of why you think they're interesting.
      • For the mail subject, please use:
        • "Engl_1-2_x: Websites of interest"
          • Copy and paste that subject heading into your message, without quotation marks, and
          • Change the section code from "x" to "a", "e", "i", or "r", without quotations marks, to suit your section.

  • There is an introduction to shadowing among the resources.

  • Check here regularly for important announcements regarding your course and section.
    • Reminder: You need to come to class regularly and on time. If you are late for class meetings, you may be counted absent (see: Syllabus, Important Notes).
    • If you are absent, check below for major assignments, and talk with classmates to get details and minor (weekly) assignments.
    • A separate page, Progress Checks, lists functions and tips for speaking assessments.


Assignments & Resources
Student Info. Sheet
Class handout, day one
Also available as a PDF: http://www.pu-kumamoto.ac.jp/~pab/CourseAssets/InfoSheet.pdf
If you are keyboarding, always use direct alpha-numeric keyboard input (直接入力) for English assignments, not full-width or half-width letters and numerals (全角英数 or 半角英数). Due by the beginning of the second class meeting.

Practice shadowing on you own, outside of class, using the Student Multi-ROM, after in-class listening practice of Listen In and Conversation Tool sections of each unit.
This is a routine speaking assignment that you should do several times for each unit, after studying and practicing in class.

Fill out copies of these pages from the textbook before, or immediately after, finishing each unit. Remember: Complete answers are better than short answers.
Photocopy Vocabulogs pages—on A4-sized paper—before filling in your answers. Then fill in your answers in pencil, and hand completed Vocabulogs in on dates announced in class.

X: Other
In limbo: previous or possibly future assignments
These assignments are in cold storage. That is, they are not in use for the current course sequence or semester (Engl. I-II).

Progress Checks

Progress checks are routine assessments of communicative listening and speaking abilities, usually at the end of each unit. Progress check functions and tips for preparing are on a separate page.


Course introductions

  • Course Intro's page on the Language Learner Development Wiki (LLD Wiki)
    • Use the back button on your browser to return to this page.

Other presentations

Reading files (notes)

Remote resources

Resources keyed to activities in the textbook





  • Gershon, S., & Mares, C. (2008). New English Upgrade: Student Book Two. Tokyo: Macmillan LanguageHouse [ISBN 978-4-7773-6211-0].
    • The textbook is subject to change, depending upon availability.


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